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Web Site launched!
This Web site was launched today - we hope all who use it will enjoy it.
This is a meeting place for the Stewart Clan descended from John Stewart (born Skye, 1838). With the members of our family scattered around the World and with increasingly busy lives, it is often hard for everyone to keep in touch. We hope that all family members will enjoy using the site.

Please note that the site is run on a voluntary basis by members of the family, so remember to be polite to all!

Join Clan StewartWho can join Clan Stewart?

We are happy to invite and welcome anyone who is descended from John Stewart (born Skye, c1838) to join our Web site. The site also caters for partners and step-children of family members. With you application, we shall verify your identity through other family members.

Why join Clan Stewart?

We hope that this Web site will provide you with ways:

  • to keep in touch with your relatives;
  • provide a place for you to post your life story for the family to read;
  • find new relatives you had not found before;
  • add your close relatives to the site and maintain their records;
  • check on family news and upcoming events;
  • swap and sell things through the family or the public;
  • receive our Clan Talk e-newsletter to keep up to date (coming soon);
  • help our family genealogist keep track of us all!

You may have as much or a little information about yourself available on the Web to the family. You may have pictures of yourself (and your family) or any diary and news event, & any Swap Sell item displayed. You may add and maintain the records for close family members (to help complete the Family Tree) until they are able to control their own record.

We do ask that you have your name, date of birth and current address (and those of your close family) in our records for the genealogy charts. Only your name and birth date will be shown to non-family members. All information submitted to this site is kept within the family members.

And we ask that you accept having your name and date of birth displayed on the Family Tree.

At the moment membership to Clan Stewart is free of charge to family members. As we get more members, we may need to charge a nominal fee to help cover our costs in a bigger Web site.

Join Clan StewartHow to join Clan Stewart

Please understand that to protect our family members, all applications must be verified as descendants of John Stewart.

If you are not a member yet and are a direct descendant, you may complete our membership form.

Once the form is completed, we shall create a Login Id for you to use. The Login Id will not be activated until you are verified. Once verified, we will send you an e-mail to welcome you to the Clan.

Protecting privacy

The safety and protection of our family is of the greatest importance - we try to protect them at all costs. Here are some of the things we will and will not do:

  • we will display to the public only the information you are happy to have displayed;
  • we will keep your details secure so that only you may update them, through a Login Id and Password;
  • we will not sell or send e-mail addresses to any outside group;
  • we will not use your e-mail addresses in any open way when corresponding to the family;
  • we will not allow the site to be used for abuse or attacks on anyone;

Tropic Weave Pty. Ltd. is owned by Peter Stewart and Jeanette Fraser. Peter provides all of the coding, hosting and support for this site. 

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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